"We Are All Neighbors"                                            Interfaith lessons for today's children

The children of our world will benefit from understanding the concept of Interfaith, so we can get along in the coming years. There are many ways of connecting to one another and to the Infinite Divine.  "We Are All Neighbors" is a series of short webcasts to introduce your child to stories and concepts from several faith traditions.  No classes to attend, nothing to add to your busy family calendar.  Please note that this program comes from a place of believing in a Great Spirit, a Holy Essence that is greater than humanity.  Though this great source of love is called by many names, the term "God" is used in the lessons.

 Learning about other faiths does not diminish our own faith traditions or paths.  It helps us to see that there are commonalities among many religions, and it may serve to clarify exactly what it is that each of us knows and believes.  

At this moment, I am filming the videos for our newest program called  "We Are All Neighbors."   It is a self-paced interfaith guide for children, ages 7 to 11.  The webcasts are each less than ten minutes long and can be experienced in any order, though progressing through them in sequence may make the most sense to your child.  A Playbook accompanies the videos, to give your children a chance to jot down or review what they have absorbed.  Parental involvement can be on any level that       works for you and your child.  Supervision is not necessary, but parents who have piloted the program have enjoyed learning                               right alongside their children!  Try using these on long car trips or as bedtime stories.                                    

The program is designed for children whose parents want them to have knowledge about several world religions, but want control over what the children in their family hold as their own faith.  Sometimes children will be advised to ask the adults in the family what they think about a topic.  "We Are All Neighbors" will not advise your child as to what religion or faith path to follow                                                                                         or not follow.                                                                                                  

If you find "We Are All Neighbors" valuable in the life of your child, please consider sending us a note or a photo.  All of these will communicate to us that you are finding value in our programs, and that will spur us on to creating more of them for you!

The program will launch in January, 2019

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