Unplug to Recharge            

                                                                                                    Saturday, January 25, 2020   10:00 am - 1:00 pm    $20

     Our relationships to our phones is a concern for psychologists. There is increasing evidence that young brains - not fully developed yet - are not capable of handling the constant connection and the demanding stream of data that is thrust upon them. As our culture moves increasingly towards obesity, we spend more time not moving, largely because of screens that compel us to work and play without moving more than our fingers. 

     Morgan Camman, a licensed mental health counselor, leads us gently to an awareness that may make us more mindful of how we use our phones.  We know they're here to stay, so let's get sensible and healthy about them!

     First, try to win the iphone scavenger hunt, then lay your phone down. Continue with meditations, thoughts and ideas to bring you into a new, gentler relationship with your tiny screen. 

     Snacks and drinks!     Please register here  mailto:revdarlabair@gmail.com