Interfaith means having your own path of belief and knowing, and honoring the sacredness of others' paths.  It means that religion is not a competition of who has it right, but rather an understanding that each faith path brings God into focus in a different light.  There is intention of deep respect and learning, never a thought of conversion.  We are all trying to get home.  At Calm in the Chaos, we hold one another up while we're on the journey. 
 Whatever your spiritual journey, Calm    in the Chaos is a place of education,     inspiration and healing to help you       find your way.  Calm in the Chaos         offers classes, workshops and life            coaching to help you find your             spiritual center, and experience     wholeness inside the chaos of life's                        challenges.  
    The answers are always in front of            you.  Open your eyes, quiet your                mind, lead with your heart.                                                    ~ Gaioma 
    Calm in the Chaos people are the         activists, healers, people who share   their wisdom, those who believe in love                   without violence.                        People who follow a faith path and        want more, people who have no faith,       and are searching.  People who            believe in holistic living and loving. 
 These are the people at Calm in the          Chaos Interfaith Center.  Join us. 

 *Dana is a Sanskrit word meaning generosity.  Many of our programs are based on the concept that spiritual lessons that were and are offered by the world's greatest spiritual leaders did not come with a monetary fee.  Our *dana bowl is inside the front door; if you want to contribute something, we are grateful.  If you cannot or choose to not contribute, we want you here anyway.  There is no judgment and no expectation.  We realize this is unusual in our consumer-based society, but we feel it is the most loving way to operate a spiritual center. 

Calm in the Chaos is sustained by people like you.