Watch anytime.  Sacred Connections "to watch any time" are 20-minute YouTube programs, with a song, a GODtalk and a prayer.  Our hope is that you will find inspiration, or at least something to talk about over dinner.  Click a date below or search in the archives.

                  "Your words brought me to a moment of prayer and thanksgiving!  Thanks,"  C.               "You cover a lot in those 20 mins."   E.W

  • 5.1.22           Repent...or else?
  • 5.8.22           Mother God
  • 5.15.22          And Justice for All
  • 5.22.22         Mystery and Awe   Thank you for your message today.  In my humble opinion, it is                                                                          one of your very best.   ~ P.F.
  • 5.29.22          I Am So Weary
  • 6.5.22           Shaktipat               Thanks for a great God talk . As a hugger, I really appreciate                                                                              the information and the ' philosophy " of hugging. And the music                                                                        selection touched my heart. A great start to my Sunday. Thank you.                                                                    Hope all is well.  ~ D.P. 
  • 6.12.22             Commune-ity
  • 6.19.22            Earthing
  • 6.26.22            Legs of the Stool
  • 7.3.22               I Won't Take a Knee 
  • 7.10.22              Evil for Evil
  • 7.17.22           Words
  • 7.24.22           Galaxies of God
  • 7.31.22            Sex, Religion and Politics
  • 8.7.22             A Penny for Your Thoughts
  • 8.14.22            Kill Anyone Who Kills Someone
  • 8.21.22            Trip Around the Sun
  • 8.28.22            Let it Go (no, not Disney)   Thank you again and again for your heart-given                                            sermons. You mean so much to me, and to able to listen to your honesty and brave                                          wisdom spoken so eloquently is a blessing. Oceans of Love and Gratitude, Z
  • 9.4.22                 Tip of the Iceberg    Thanks!  I can't stop crying. Your presentation was beautiful but                                the song really got to me.   P.F.    Love the video on forgiveness and making mistakes.                                     Keep the faith moving forward,  D. M.
  • 9.11.22                Body and Soul   Beautiful message as always. We are not our body. Thank you for the                              Alan Jackson song.  Blessings,  P. 
  • 9.18.22                Love or Fear   

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