GODtalks began on December 13, 2020, a year for the history books, to be sure. I already had the December GODtalks ready, as I was leading worship in a Presbyterian church in upstate New York. Then there was one abrupt phone call from the head of the Presbytery, who had decided my training was not Calvinistic enough, and I was asked to not continue. It was truly sad, as the congregation and I were a great fit. So, out of the ashes of my being asked to leave, GODtalks rose like a  Phoenix. There are resurrection stories everywhere! 

12.13.20         Mary
12.20.20        Joseph   
12.24.20        Christmas Eve
12.27.20        The Work of Christmas  "This feels so like my church when it is at its best. What a simple, strong faith you have. And you are completely yourself – no bells and whistles. Just integrity. So good of you to share your light with me, and with the world."    Elizabeth Alexander (composer whose work was included in 12.27.20)