"Community is the most neglected and probably the most difficult ingredient for us to hold to in the U.S. context.  And for the most obvious of reasons - we have come to worship at the altar of independence, individualism and autonomy.  As much as there is a deep hunger for connection, common purpose, and kindred hearts, there is a merciless, deep-rooted entrenchment in the forces of competition, freed an dself-rule."  ~ Father Richard Rohr, 

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Balancing Class        A six-week program for consciously making good life choices

BookShare             Bring a favorite read and share; the discussions following are always amazing

Christian Women     Mini-retreats and workshops connecting us to God more deeply

Circling Class          Ten-week program written by Jan Phillips to use creativity in your connection with Spirit

Drumming             Connect with the heartbeat of the Earth!  We have drums. 

GODtalks              Watch on your time schedule; twenty minutes of quiet each week

Labyrinth Events       Workshops, world-walks, prayer walks.  

Let It Go               Release emotional and physical clutter into the winds

Prayer Workshop      Unpack famous prayers, learn new ways to pray

Vision Boards          Manifest life changes with laser-beam focus  

Dana is a Sanskrit word meaning generosity.  Many of our programs are based on the concept that spiritual lessons that were and are offered by the world's greatest spiritual leaders did not come with a monetary fee.  Our *dana bowl is inside the front door; if you want to contribute something, we are grateful.  If you cannot or choose to not contribute, we want you here anyway.  There is no judgment and no expectation.  We realize this is unusual in our consumer-based society, but we feel it is the most loving way to operate a spiritual center. 

                                                       Calm in the Chaos Interfaith Center                                                            585.494.1795