Watch anytime.  Sacred Connections "to watch any time" are 20-minute YouTube programs, with a song, a GODtalk and a prayer.  Our hope is that you will find inspiration, or at least something to talk about over dinner.  Click a date below or search in the archives.             

The first six months' of 2023 GODtalks are in the 2023 archives.  Find the archives in the drop-down menu beneath "GODtalk"  

  • 7.2.23             Liberty and Justice for All
  • 7.9.23             Instructions
  • 7.16.23           Forging Through Woods
  • 7.23.23.          Pedicures are Biblical
  • 7.30.23           Who is a God Detective?  
  • 8.6.23             Standing Stones
  • 8.13.23           Who Are You ... Really?
  • 8.20.23           Dark Nights
  • 8.27.23           Music and Painting and Dance, Oh My!
  • 9.3.23             Welcome!

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