Watch anytime.  Sacred Connections "to watch any time" are 20-minute YouTube programs, with a song, a GODtalk and a prayer.  Our hope is that you will find inspiration, or at least something to talk about over dinner.  Click a date below or search in the archives.             

  • 1.1.23          Three Little Words
  • 1.8.23          Elder or Older?
  • 1.15.23         Faith Buffet
  • 1.22.23         Finding Nemo
  • 1.29.23         What I Know
  • 2.5.23           Faith Buffet (again)
  • 2.12.23         Love is an Action Verb
  • 2.19.23         Banging on the Vending Machine
  • 2.26.23         Personal Rituals
  • 3.5.23           Fast to Slow Down
  • 3.12.23         New Lenses
  • 3.19.23         Shame on Me
  • 3.26.23         Spring Detox         I was also feeling in the funky mindset, seeking a better understanding of my life and seeking a better place.  Your                                                                 words were timely and meaningful to me.  I will take a moment today to be with loved ones, to contemplate the                                                                     blessings bestowed on me and be grateful, loving and kind.  Thank you for your work and may God continue to bless                                                             us.   C.F. 

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