"We Are All Neighbors"                          Interfaith lessons for today's children


Children in our world benefit from understanding the concept of Interfaith, so we can communicate with one another in a healthy manner. There are many ways of connecting to one another and to the Infinite Divine. "We Are All Neighbors" is a series of short, interactive slide lessons  to introduce your child to stories and concepts from several faith traditions, narrated, so learners of any ability can follow along. No classes to attend, nothing to add to your busy family calendar. 

 Learning about other faiths does not diminish our own faith traditions or paths. It helps us to see that there are commonalities among many religions, and it may serve to clarify exactly what it is that each of us knows and believes. Beyond the commonalities is the true meaning of "pluralism" - that each of us can celebrate and honor the unique qualities in one another, the qualities that are not common. 

                                                                                                                                  *****  JUMP RIGHT TO THE CLASSES!  *****

"We Are All Neighbors" is a self-paced interfaith guide for children, ages 4 and up. Most classes are each less than ten minutes long and can be experienced in any order, though progressing through them in sequence may make the most sense to your child. Parental involvement can be on any level that works for you and your child. Supervision is not necessary, but parents who have piloted the program have enjoyed learning right alongside their children. Some families have tried these on long car trips or as bedtime stories. I do recommend parents preview the videos or read the ScriptBook to make certain this is a good fit for your child

Get the markers out and sharpen a pencil for the "We Are All Neighbors" PlayBook, a compilation of fun follow-ups to the videos.       

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If previewing doesn't fit into your schedule, purchase the "We Are All Neighbors" ScriptBook, the full scripts for all videos in the series. It makes it much easier for you to know which videos to choose for your child. See the terminology and concepts covered in each video. 

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