June, 2020 begins as a heavy heart. The unrest due to the murder of yet another Black man at the hands of a White police officer has caused a fury of rioting and city concern.  I will write when I feel I can adequately use words to describe my anger, my disappointment in the human race, my terror for my Brown and Black friends.  Until then, I offer someone else's writings.  It was written in August of 2017 and is more important today than ever. Thank you, Corinne Shutack for compiling this list.       https://medium.com/equality-includes-you/what-white-people-can-do-for-racial-justice-f2d18b0e0234

July 2, 2020    What is my favorite currency? The dollar bill, the money in the bank, the full tank of gas in the car? After meditating on this for many periods of time in my life, I answer this: physical, emotional and mental health. If any one of those is out of balance, the rest of my life is altered greatly. So, my focus is how to build up the bank of health? More gardens (no chemicals whatsoever) and preparing my own food. I do understand how inexpensive and convenient the drive-throughs are, but … When I prepare my own food, it takes time, it causes me to carve out times in my day to chop, saute, consider recipes, choose which flour to use, and generally be in charge of every ingredient. My favorite currency is homemade food, because preparing and eating it checks all the boxes: physical, emotional and mental health.                                                                                                                                      In that light, I ask myself (and you) how can I help another person to find that kind of health? 

7.6.2020 We all have a wolf at the door. Wolves come disguised as many things other than sheep. They come as bills on the table, sick children, relationships, diagnoses, disappointments, deployed loved ones, too many decisions, pandemics, and thousands of other things. Sometimes the wolves are pups, sometimes old codgers. And we all throw something at them to keep them at bay. All of us do. Some people throw them wine, some throw porn, some throw sweets, some throw curse words, some too many carbs, and some throw punches at others. We all have a wolf at the door. What are you feeding him? And while you're figuring that out, please don't judge me for my way of keeping him at bay. You and I are on the same side of the door.

7.14.2020 What is a spiritual practice that you engage in regularly? Gardening? Cleaning a room? Standing still under a huge tree? Sewing masks for others? Daily prayer? Offering corn to the Gods? Spiritual practice is anything that is done with the energy of love, gratitude, and helpfulness, making things better or making things right. If we garden as a chore, just to save money, it may or may not be a spiritual practice. Only you can tell, by answering this. Does what you are doing support your best self, the person you are destined to be?

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